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E.T. Burk Furniture, Nashville TN - The Lines
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E.T. Burk Furniture Line

E. T. Burk features our own line designed to problem solve for smaller spaces. Using reclaimed Tennessee woods for shelving and cabinets, we aim for intelligent use of space without sacrificing the tenets of good design. Because we produce all our pieces locally, we are able to custom make furnishings based on a wide range of homes and price ranges.


DUNBAR Furniture

We are proud to carry Dunbar furniture. Featuring the works of Edward J. Wormley, all pieces are hand-made in America with the finest attention to detail. The timeless Dunbar heirloom furnishings epitomize beauty and comfort, each piece constructed from only the best materials to last for generations.

Hugh Acton Furniture
Hugh Acton’s designs are as relevant today as they were in the 1950s.  Ideal for the live-work environment, his revolutionary benches and shelving are the perfect fit for today’s living spaces. Still made today by the hand of Mr. Acton in his Michigan studio, the style is unmistakably Acton, never sacrificing functionality and quality


808 Broadway, Nashville, TN - info@etburk.com